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Aims of the Association

The principal objectives for which the company is established are as follows:

To provide, maintain, safeguard and develop angling facilities for Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and all other fish in the area of, and on, the River Clyde its tributaries and any other waters.

To provide maintain, safeguard and develop other sporting and amenity facilities.

To conduct, assist in conducting, commission and stimulate research into any subject or project directly or indirectly connected with the attainment of the objectives of the company.

To co-operate with, advise and assist persons, government departments, local and other authorities, angling associations and other organizations interested in the provision, maintenance and safeguarding of angling and other field sports facilities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area and for the benefit of the community at large.

The above aims are normally directed by the various responsible committees within the Association.




The Association has 150 registered members. Traditionally, the membership has come from the Lanarkshire areas through which the Clyde flows. An established principle of the Association is to protect angling on the Clyde for the ‘ordinary man’. This is achieved through the very competitive permit pricing structure, which in turn delivers sustainable angling.

We offer 18 miles of river bank Salmon angling at an average of pennies per day. Our Trout and other freshwater fish permits are even less expensive for more miles of river.



Rounded Rectangle: U.C.A.P.A. LTD.

Why a limited Company?

To protect both Members and Directors from liability, in the event of the Association becoming insolvent, the Association became a limited company in 1976.