Migratory Fish (Salmon) Permits - Rules and Regulations


From 1st January 2012 there will be three available Permits for Salmon fishing:

1. The Annual Universal Permit

2. The Migratory Fish Permit

3. The Migratory Fish Day Permit


Refer to our NOTICE: Permit Prices 2014 page for details.


The Migratory Fish Permits are available only from the Association Secretary to whom application should be made. It is the Association's requirement that all applicants produce 2 (two) Passport Type Photographs. One will be affixed to the Permit and the other affixed to the Application Form. In the unfortunate event where an angler is apprehended by a Crown Bailiff then the Association's record will be used as evidence if so required.

· The Migratory Fish Permit is VALID for that part of the River Clyde (main stem) between Stonebyres Fall and Bothwell Bridge where fishing for Migratory Fish is permitted. It is NOT VALID on any other part of the River Clyde.


· Permit Holders may fish for Salmon by any LEGAL method. ALL SEA                          TROUT ARE TO BE RETURNED UNHARMED FOR CONSERVATION                            REASONS.


· Permit Holders are also allowed to fish for Brown Trout in that area. Another permit is required if the angler wishes to fish in other parts of the River Clyde.


· There will be NO FISHING for Salmon from MIDNIGHT, Saturday to MIDNIGHT, Sunday ( i.e. NO SUNDAY FISHING).


· Fishing for Salmon will be restricted to one hour before dawn until one hour after dusk during the month of October.


· Anglers are not permitted the use of a GAFF or similar device, treble hooks larger than size 4. The maximum leader breaking strain is 15lb test strength.


· The use as bait of natural prawns and shrimps and imitations thereof will not be permitted.


· The use of Fish Roe and paste or similar manufactured products is ILLEGAL.


· Permits MUST be shown on request to River Wardens and Crown Bailiffs.


· ALL ANGLERS MUST SUBMIT THEIR CATCH RETURN TO THE SECRETARY NO LATER THAN 12TH November. Failure to do so will result in no further permits being issued.


For a more precise list of rules please visit our UCAPA Rules and Regulations webpage.


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