Text Box: The Association continues to lead the North American Signal Crayfish eradication programme.

UCAPA has led this programme since May 2000. 

Unfortunately SNH has recently advised, that due to present fiscal restrictions, funding to UCAPA Ltd to support trapping is no longer available.


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Text Box: Re-stocking Regulations
Registration required from 1st August 2008.
New provisions for all clubs re-stocking with freshwater fish. Details are available here…. at SANA.
The UCAPA is in full compliance with the new regulations.
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Text Box: Scottish Anglers National Association Ltd. (SANA)
Text Box: Lamington & District Angling Improvement Association
Text Box: Letsflyfish, A guide to flyfishing, casting and wading safety
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Text Box: Wild Fishing Scotland, Magazine for wild game fishing…...mostly wild Brown Trout
Text Box: Mr Tom McKenzie receiving life membership of the UCAPA Ltd in recognition of his services to the Association over many years.


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Text Box: River Clyde Angling for Brown Trout and Grayling, an article
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Text Box: Hamilton Advertiser-Lanarkshire Angling Article May 2007
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Text Box: This 2lb Grayling was photographed and carefully released back into the Clyde Text Box: River Management work including the building and repair of stiles, steps, tracks, etc… to provide for the safe access and egress of anglers and the general public continues to be carried out.

Our grateful thanks to Riparian Owners for their continued support and co-operation.
Text Box: The River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust Limited